Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Becoming a blogger

Well, then. Even I eventually got caught up in this blogging business...

I want an area to post some things that have taken me a long time to learn / find out, in order to prevent other's going through the time-consuming process of trial and error that I've (haven't we all?) done so many times. My vision is to eventually dig up all or at least most of my computer-related trial and error-lessons and eventually present them here.

Important: I do not expect this blog to be frequently visited! But... I do hope that it will show up properly in the search engines so that people searching for solutions to the problems I've had will find this site somewhere in the results. Followingly, I make no active promotion for this blog. Furthermore, I do not expect myself to post here more than once each third months or such! This is a long-range project that will only bring up the essentials of avoiding trial-and-error.

Short about me:
Swede. At the moment 19 going on 20 (27-dec-05), having dealt with computers from themoment I got a 1983-model "laptop" (tabletop...) as a 3-year old. Changed my dad's laptop's password as a 4-year old (accidentally ruining his day at work since he had no access to his computer).

Started coding webpages in 7th grade. Scripting (ASP) in 9th. Gone over to php in 10th grade when I started developing my first website worth mentioning:

Since then developing in many hours, mostly at night, having time for important stuff on the evenings. Started a web-publishing company in Jan 2004, and just recently (June-05) gone over to professional php-development on the site Also works as IT-Administrator at a company as well as consulting with computer support in private homes.

Interests in the computer world: Web-development, Backup! (too many crashes... too many dead days reinstalling systems), Open-source (although not yet a contributor, maybe later), Visions associated with the use of Clustering, Trying out the latest techniques and software, Computer mobility.

Outside: Friends, Girlfriend, Piano, Saxophone, Guitar, Disc golf, Stand-up (watching :) ), Exercising, Discussions about latest scientific progress in physics (hmm...).

Studying: Industrial Engineering and Economics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

If I would not to study for the sake of what I feel would give me the greatest job-oppurtunities, I would study to become a Physician's expert or a Psychologist.

View of people and emotions: Every thought and action has it's grounds in our most basic instincts of survival and reproduction. See through this, understand the basic principles behind the human mind, and you will understand people's thoughts and actions! Remember: Every person has a different genome, a different grow-up environment as well as different social advantages from the start!

Well... That was I guess more than enough about me. Hope you enjoy my other posts that are to come!

Last inital words:
Feel free to comment on this post if you have any ideas for common trial-and-error situations that could be brought up here!

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